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Business Development Lab is a relatively new but rapidly growing company. We mainly specialize in retail, e-tail and wholesale sales of refurbished and used computer components and peripherals.

Our journey began in 2014.  A small company lead by two enthusiasts, very soon grew into a large and prosperous business that is still rapidly expanding.

Our success is built on several factors. Our experience, work with end-users and close cooperation with key retailers, assemblers and suppliers evolve into deep and thorough knowledge of Ukrainian IT market. Another important factor is understanding a difference between new product and refurbished one. These are two very distinct business models, and we are proud to call ourselves leaders in this industry in the region. Understanding a product is another key factor. We are not simply «box movers». We know exactly what we are selling, how it works, and whom we are selling it. And of course, over a decade of work experience in leading distribution and supply business helps as well.

Business Development Lab is constantly looking for a new business partners and suppliers in the field of refurbished computer components and peripherals.

Please fell free to contact us if you have an interesting business offer or promising product.